Tuesday, August 14, 2018

About Us

This blog was created by Lisa, a book lover and avid reader, who wanted to share her love of all things bibliographic with whoever was interested. She conned a few of her friends into joining her for the ride.

Here at Girls Just Reading we will provide comprehensive (we can do that because we’ve read the books) reviews about the fiction genres that we are interested in, namely, African-American Fiction, “Chick-Lit”, Crime Dramas, Contemporary Fiction, Memoirs, Women’s Lit and Young-Adult Fiction.

In addition, we’ll try to:

  • Profile some of our favorite authors
  • Review movies and TV shows based on books
  • Give recommendations (we’ve read tons, trust me when I tell you this)
  • Highlight book events
  • Opine on interesting news and any miscellaneous book related items.

We do accept books for review.  We are currently a little swamped, but feel free to contact us.  We each have different tastes, so please make sure you’re contacting the right person with your request:

We are:

Brittney ~ Email Me

  • Memoirs/Travel Memoirs, Women’s fiction (no Chick-Lit, please!), Mystery/Thriller, Cooking, Health & Fitness, Business
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Format:  Tree-book preferred, E-Books & PDFs OK!

Jenn ~ Email Me

  • Young Adult, Mysteries, Thrillers, Crime, Paranormal, & Food-Lit 
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Format:  Tree-book or Nook – No PDF files, please!

Julie ~ Email Me

  • Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mysteries/Thrillers, & Women’s Fiction (AKA Chick-Lit)
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Format:  Tree-book 

Lisa ~ Email Me

  • Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction (AKA Chick-Lit), some Historical Fiction & African American Fiction (this does not include Ghetto Lit)
  • Ratings Philosophy
  • Format:  Tree-book

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